Do We Know What They Need?


Do We Know What They Need?

Praying for the Healing of Others

Healing prayer is tricky. We think we know what another needs, but do we?

Really, we haven’t got a clue; but the Spirit does. We might think its their cancer that needs fixing, but the Spirit knows its the broken relationship with a daughter that will bring wholeness… or restoration from spiritual dryness… or the mending of a childhood trauma.

Our part is just to say "yes" so that Jesus can enter the heart-space and do the work that only he can do. Healing prayer works because the same Spirit that dwells in us, dwells in the heart of the ones we pray for... we just have to consent.

"Gracious and loving one, enter my heart this day and through it, heal my friend in the ways that only you know they need. Amen"