Ronald Steed

To Crush Our Enemies...

Mystic Micro-Gospels; small spiritual stories in and around my neighborhood in Southeast CT

She asks "What is the purpose of Tai Chi?" Conan-the-Barbarian replys: "To crush our enemies, to see them driven before us, to...." She smiles and interrupts; "The purpose of Tai Chi is to meditate... 'Balancing Tea Cups', shall we?"

I feel the slow and deliberate turning and twisting of my arms... hands level in motion, balancing imaginary cups of tea on the open palms... the gentle shift in the weight on my legs to the left and to the right as the cups travel in their figure 8 pattern, my feet firmly grounded, picking up the Earth's qi.

"Sifu... perhaps if more people balanced tea cups we would not feel the need to crush our enemies...." She smiles "Yes xuéshēng, that may be so…

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